Cookye Butter became a labor of love when my eldest granddaughter had a severe eczema outbreak. Nothing the doctors prescribed would work. They would not diagnose her condition as eczema because the dry patches were the same color as her skin.

 I was brought up with the understanding that God provides us with everything we need.  With that being said, this was my opportunity to put my study of natural skin care products to use. I went into the kitchen and mixed a few things together. I took a few times to get it right. Finally, that was the end of her dry skin and scalp issues. I made a few extra batches to give to other friends and family with the same or even worse skin issues and it cleared them up as well.


There was a period where I would only make the butter for family and friends as needed. After a while, I understood that there was a problem and I had the solution. With a slight nudge from family, Cookye Butter was in production.

My butter is made with organic shea  butter, kokum, and other natural and essential oils. The name is derived from the name my grand children call me which is Cookye and because it melts on you skin like butter.

The way my product healed my grandchild, I would like it to do the same for families around the world. 

Tynisha “Cookye” Carr-Shelton